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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amega wand 4 health: Just viewed Wand The World

Amega wand 4 health: Just viewed Wand The World great video info at the WAND THE WORLD site thanks Norm for being a great team mate in Amega Global


  1. There is a video on and it shows a third party lab in Canada doing testing on the Amega wand. Go to the site and click on Technology. The videos are on the right side. The difference in how your blood reacts and the Olympic athlete having less stress after wanding is excellent. Yes its an Amega site, however the lab is independent and puts its address on the site and you may contact them for confirmation.

  2. amazing stuff,water product sounds like it launched.

  3. Dont know if the technology is real,but it is real interesting.

  4. Zero Point Technology
    Many Americans suffer from chronic pain. Some have deteriorated spinal discs and others have arthritis or fibromyalgia. Where this pain comes from and how to alleviate this pain are questions many would love getting the answer to.

    Conversely the modalities to treat pain run the gamut from taking pain killing drugs, to treatment with chiropractic or physical therapy to rolfing (a system of muscle massage intended to serve as both physical and emotional therapy) or hypnosis and a myriad of other modalities too numerous to list. Well, add to that list something that has sprung up from the study of quantum physics. What we are talking about is the application of a specific type of energy, called zero point energy, to the energy fields of the body to help alleviate pain and speed healing.

    Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is energy. Our bodies are energy and in fact there are energy fields around all living things that can be measured with a specialized instrument called a Gas Discharge Visualizer. It is this energy field that the zero point energy helps to bring into a sort of homeostasis. Through the application of this energy the individual’s own energy field is balanced and left to flow unhindered, thus resulting in an increased ability to self heal and alleviate pain.

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  6. Skin care wave and 2 wands,wow

  7. Where are you zero point energy guy?