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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wand the world system

Welcome to my Amega Global B.A. blog. "Even if you have no interest,you will be interested."call Jerry anytime at 405-476-5431 Comments are welcome.Thanks. GET ON THE CALLS.... Mark Victor Hansen (author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series)
has joined Amega Global and is writing a book about our "Self Care Revolution" ... and is going to spread the news Big Time! He is one of the biggest selling authors of all time (that is still living), and is going to be one of the speakers at the event Amega May 14th & May 15th Event in California.

He did his due diligence on Amega Global and its products and has been wanding people and is in.


  1. What Are People Saying?

    Every week, we gain strength from the amazing testimonials that we receive from Amegans and their customers. Keep them coming!

    This is my testimonial about using the AMWand for the first 10 days only. My birthday is this month and I will be 85 years young! I feel like I'm getting a new body already!

    For decades I've had back pain which the doctors call sclerosis, and periods of inactivity because of the pain. Four years ago I fell, resulting in my left hip and pelvis getting turned, yet another new kind of pain. I'm small, weighing 80 pounds and the doctors have said for years not to lose any more weight.

    My husband is big and for about five years has been declining with Parkinson's, so I have become a care-giver. This has been a big strain on my small body and so my pains became intense. It became necessary to have outside help for just daily living and household work. All that kept me going were frequent trips to the chiropractor and, after an adjustment, I would be on ice the rest of day and evening. The day I heard about the AMWand, I would have emptied my bank account to get relief. Fortunately, I didn't have to take such drastic action!

    My wand arrived on a Wednesday evening so on Thursday had someone wand all the sore areas on and around my hip and some on back. On Friday I was standing tall and had gone from a pain point of about 9 (10 means CALL 911!) down to a 3!

    For years, during the night, pain awakened me every couple of hours and I'd have to get up and walk and then go back for more sleep, becoming sleep deprived. Bed was like a prison for me and I was surrounded with pillows, trying to find a comfortable position. The morning after my first wand experience, everyone in the house including the nurse was amazed, just watching me walk, tall and straight.

    Now I wand myself, knowing that the wand does not heal, but that I'm giving my body zero-point energy which reminds all the cells that they come from Source. My body responded because it only knows perfection. In that state of perfection, my body was able to shake off the ideas of disability and dysfunction which were manifesting as pain.

    Before the wanding, I was not permitted to pick up anything heavier than a glass of water, nor anything off the floor! What a blessing it is to be able to do those simple household tasks, like loading and unloading a dishwasher, and doing a load of laundry, without paying for it in pain!! I'm in a continual attitude of gratitude ! I've ordered 3 AMPendants, one for each member of my household for obvious reasons!

    Ann Carlisle,
    Gilbert AZ

  2. I am the system developer for Wand The will be a very good marketing system and I'm looking forward to helping everyone in any way I can!

    Amega Global

  3. Celebrate with Less
    Stress, More Energy

  4. Dear Wand the world.
    To begin I have just become and associate with
    Amega Global. I am waiting for my wand to arrive.
    I have looked at your site
    And I find it very good. but what I feel when I read you are charging associates to sign up to Wand the world, defeats the purpose of what you are promoting.Asking associates to pamonthy or yearly amount. does not make sense.
    Do you believe the experience of the wand has you seen it in action and see what it says it does. Do you believe honestly that Amega Global
    is really great and does what it says it does?
    Then why charge extra to your associates to train them?
    If you believe in the am wand company that you can make a very healthy amount of money by helping others then why the $9.95 a month and
    $99.00 a year??If you need money for your web site or the people running it why not put your site under an associate and watch the money come in?
    If I wanted to open a separate web site and do the same as you and or any number of people or thousands of people do the same as you do you think that would bring them together or pull them apart into separation. I think it is very confusing.I think you have come up with an idea to make more money off people and any one can make a web site and try to make money of people.
    If you believe in the company why not do what you say and help people change and the energy of you verses them. and really help them.Could this company make a difference in the world?
    Could it change the old way of thinking That

    I am going to get at the expense of others.

    What about new thinking>
    Can I help people really!!!
    Can I give back.
    Will it work for all or will people be left holding the bag?
    I have been in many multilevel marketing and the money comes before the product in many cases.
    How about a change? How about some new energy thinking. to go along with the am wand and products. How about some real compassion as a focus. And really doing something that makes a difference. Sincerely Lorette Smillie

  5. Thanks for the info. I went to my first demo tonight and was impressed. Then I went to this web site. Iam still impressed with the product. Not so much with the company. How about a response from the people in charge.

  6. It is quite evident that during the "balance display" the subject is pulled sideways it first. In the second "display", the subject is pulled straight down. This is evident in the video. This accounts for the claimed infusion of "balance" or "strength".