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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brian Tracy on Amega Global

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oklahoma Medical Doctor Vowed he would be the First

About 4 weeks ago I woke up with the same blazing pain, red ears and itching eyes that had sent me to the hospital some 15 years ago. I was in panic. I had recently retired and wished that I had saved some injectable pain medicine. Wow , What to do? I despised the fact that I might spend 4 hour in the Emergecey department. (just to get the answer??? and to prove I wasn't a doctor seeking pain meds. "No thanks"\

So here was the test. Tough it out? Drink Ice water" Pray. None of that seemed a good choice as I got worse. And I knew it was going to be a long night with a mandatory hospital stay. Really, No Thanks.

I grabbed my Amega wand. (more info here) The pain eased in about ten seconds or so it seamed. (about 4 minutes in all) After the easing and the vanishing of the itching eyes and red ears, I laid quietly thinking. "careful this is a pain that returns and requires big doses of Morphine". In 10 minutes of lying very still and wondering will it be back? It did not return. Gone. Nada. Nothing. The board like rigidity of my abdomen was gone. (this is a sign that you call the surgery team)

What is this wonder instrument I used?. Can I get one? Do you have to have big bucks to get one. In no particular order.. "and amega Wand" "yes" "no" in that order.

Now it is your turn. What I have said is true. You may or not believe it. I don't want to spend my time and yours on the phone until you have heard this call. You may find a few reasons to dobt me. That is Ok but unwise. The Demo calls that are held live Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are listened to by nearly a thousand people... so call early and then call me on my cell phone if you are interested. See if I was a pushy MLM marketer would I leave it all up to you? I am saying you have to do your half .. You have to make the call then call me. Cynics and doubters with bad health and pain Google your pain and syndromes and see who else is saying what I am saying. You are dismissed. Now you others thanks for staying. I am fighting for you and justice at a time when my profession is being exposed as an un savory brothel. I will not finger point but I will show you a way to get one h--- of a leg up the next time you face a problem the size I did. You can still call your Doctor if you get no results. I want you to either way. First if you don't get good results I wan't you to have them. Call her. Tell her you need to be seen. If you get great results, I still want you to call him or her so they can join this world wide battle for effective medical care. Do I need to be more clear? The number is 218 862 1300 code 886161, call 5 min early at 6PM Pacific Time. The only nights are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Howard Hagglund MD. my cell 405 397 2011 to enroll. Don't abuse that number. If you want to chat or argue or fill in more details., well , respect my time and limit it to 2 or 3 min. and then sign up time. You will be glad you did. }